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From Chocolate with Love: Celebrating World Nutella day with MillionairesView

February 5, 2017


Yes, February 5 is 2017’s World Nutella Day so grab a jar, a spoon and tuck in to the delicious goodness that is our beloved spread.

I think we can all agree that Nutella can very much be classified as a luxury. The dark, delicious jar of heaven always seems to have our back. In moments of celebration, after a bad break-up, ending a long hard day, you get the point - sometimes all you need is a spoon of nutella to cheer you up. Calorie Count not included, duh.


Last year some 365 million kilos were consumed - roughly the weight of the Empire State Building - in 160 countries around the world. Half a century ago, in a small town in northern Italy, this would have been unimaginable. So, what's the best way to celebrate the international holiday?


Only in the most luxurious Nutella hotspots, of course:


1. Nutella-Mobile, NYC


Ready to indulge?


Eataly NYC has what you need. You can spot the mobile version of the nutella bar treating you to everything and anything with

of course, nutella as its key ingredient.


We're talking muffins, croissants and cookies.. okay let me stop there before I get too carried away..  



2. Piazzetta Nutella, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Italy


What better way to celebrate nutella day than in it's place of birth?


Part of Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Piazzetta Nutella is where Nutella addicts can get their fix. To give you a preview, the menu includes nutella stuffed crepes and waffles, cocktails, tiramisu and cheesecake ALL MADE FROM NUTELLA.


Um, just give me a minute while I book a one way ticket to Italy...



3.Nut’Leiria, Portugal



When in Portugal, go to Nut'Leiria. That's actually pretty much it, because it takes a single minute to realize why this nutella shop is the pride and joy of the historic town of Leira. From nutella waffles, churros and even kebab with chocolate and hazelnut cream, there's no shortage of nutella here.


4.Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, London


 For all you Londeners, it's no secret Knightsbridge can be described as the "crème de la crème" of London. Filled with luxury boutiques and endless halls in Harvey Nichols and of course, Harrolds, there's no shortage of luxury here. But shopping does you make hungry, and nobody wants to be hangry while looking for the perfect pair of cufflinks or Loubiton stiletto's. That's where this Nutella bar at Harvey Nichols may save the day. The Fifth Floor Terrace has been transformed into an Italian alpine winter lodge, offering a delicious array of breakfast favourites and Italian twists aplenty.


Here you can take a moment and forget about the dreadful London weather in homemade crêpes filled with bananas, strawberries and, of course, a helping of the infamous hazelnut spread. Or, for those who fancy something new, tuck into a dish of Porridgella – oats served with banana and Nutella. For those feeling particularly ‘Britalian’, treat yourself to mini focaccias or even try a Top O’ The Morning Trifle Parfait, with natural yoghurt, fresh berries, scone and, once more, Nutella.


Oh, did I mention you probably shouldn't read this post on an empty stomach? Whoops..my bad!


What's your favourite nutella hotspot?


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