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A moment with the Founder of Meet Mazal, a luxury matchmaking service with a twist

January 23, 2017





Modern Dating...blah, even the phrase makes us want to say "Oh no, don't even get me started."


We all blame the modern dating world for our inability to find love. Let’s face it, everything is so damn complicated. We all stalk the person for days before seeing them in real life, knowing well what they were up to in 2010.




We’re all individuals trying to find love in an instant gratification world where a hook-up is just a swipe away. Dating simply isn't what it used to be. It used to be easier… or at least a little more simpler than it is today . But with rules such as "Don't text back for X hours," "Don't get too attached," and avoiding a panic attack over who picks up the bill, we've  united as a generation and made our dating lives difficult.

That's how the world of matchmaking blossomed into a dominating industry. And that's one Irina, founder of MeetMazal quickly discovered. She says, "My greatest worry is that my daughter's generation will be looked at as the generation that gave up on love. People date for the sake of dating. The generation that forgot how to love — which is ridiculous. Most people have never had a good understanding of love, just a poor interpretation of it."


That's why she chose to channel her energy into a booming business, using technology as her ally and connecting people from all over the world. And having a matchmaker there by your side is without a doubt a luxury many of us haven't even considered before.


But that's exactly what matchmaking is all about, says Irina. Someone that could analyse your behaviour, understand what kind of person would be your perfect partner in crime and better yet, all with undivided attention is one hell of a luxury. But here comes the twist - she focuses on creating loving Jewish Families.


Despite the very personal nature of religion, it is an issue that many couples struggle with on a repeated basis. Having someone by your side who shares your beliefs, traditions and value makes relationships much more likely to succeed.


Finding the key to a successful relationship is a desire many have. It's fairly obvious though, that there is no one answer. Two relationships could mirror each other nearly perfectly, with one succeeding and one failing miserably. There are no cheat codes that work every time, no fast fixes and no “golden” tips. That's where the matchmaker swoops in to the rescue, and gives you one less thing to worry about.


For more information about finding love, get in touch with the queen of matchmakers.





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