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Meet Artis, The Rolls-Royce of Make-up Brushes

January 11, 2017


"A good tool should make doing something easier, not harder."

— Matthew Waitesmith



 As the New Year has officially begun, it’s time to take our New Year’s resolution to a whole new level.


And what better way to do so than pump up our beauty game for a look that requires no Instagram filter.




Did you know that makeup brushes have never evolved from watercolor paintbrushes they copy? Well, now you do.. You’re welcome folks.


But, luckily, an evolution has been made – and it’s all brought to you by Artis Brush, also known as the Rolls-Royce of make-up brushes. So, just for you, I have you the exclusives behind the company that brought regular make-up brushes to shame.


Talking to Ryan Neller, Director of Marketing, here’s what I learned:


Artis was founded by Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics. The inspiration came from the human finger as their curved handle shape provides not only a modern look, they are also designed to fit elegantly the contours of your hands and fingers.


"Glide your Artis Brush across your skin like a figure skater on the ice."

- Ryan Neller


The goal of Artis was simple; develop the perfect accessory to help you look your best, simple and effective. This is why applying your daily dose of foundation and caring of your skin has been revolutionized by one single differentiation with traditional make-up appliances: their trademarked CosmeFibre.


This engineered fibre is set to perform perfectly with all skincare formulas. On top of that, these magic brushes are 100% animal free, making the uniformed structure distribute your make-up, creams and serums more consistently. I mean, you wouldn’t want your forehead to be a different color than your cheeks…right? Trust me, I had that before… whoops! The Artis brushes have, on average, up to ten times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. Let the fibres to do the work, and your fingerprints direct each motion like your inner own GPS system.


Take for example, the Digit Collection 5 Brush Set. Instead of standing in your bathroom vertically, each brush is shaped like a finger. The dual finish even comes with a soft pearl finish on the top,like the cherry on the cake.

Or, if you’re looking for one brush to apply foundation, concealer, contour your face, moisturize AND apply sunscreen (literally for you) Artis has the perfect solution for that too..




Launching the latest Palm Brush that fits right in the palm of your hand (hence the name, which is why you’re probably thinking "duh" right about now…)



With a grip band, cosmefibre and luxurious look, their Palm Brush can fast-forward a thirty minute make-up routine to ten minutes, no make-up artist required.


Now, let’s get real, I can go on and on and on about Artis..granted, everyone has their obsession. But why keep telling you when I can show you?


Check out  below everything you can expect from your new magic wands. Their power? Easy, a spell to show you just how beautiful you are:

Now it's your turn to shine.







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