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A Fashion Statement like no other: An exclusive interview with Spongesuit's very own Pinar Guvenc

January 6, 2017

 RIVERSIDE, California — A team of engineers at the University of California, Riverside is partnering with the Eray/Carbajo design firm to create  wearable technology by combining style and technology.


The name of this revolution?  The SpongeSuit.




I had the pleasure of getting the exclusive behind the scenes from managing partner Pinar Guvenc. Intelligent, passionate and ready to conquer the world are just a few things I spotted after talking with one of the brains behind the spongesuit.


What exactly is the spongesuit? Let me explain.


A swimsuit that has already won first place at RESHAPE’s 2015 wearable technology competition for its ability to clean the ocean by performing one simple activity – swimming.


"We aim to put the 'We' in Wearable by making a Global Impact" - Pinar Guvenc



The reusable material, which the researchers call Sponge (hence, the name ‘SpongeSuit’), is derived from heated sucrose and repels water while absorbing any harmful contaminants it meets.


According to Pinar, their aim from the very beginning was to create proactivity by simply wearing the swimsuit.



"Creating proactivity by simply wearing the spongesuit" Pinar Guvenc


To make the swimsuit, the design team took the Sponge material and fitted it into a 3D-printed elastic cage in the shape of a swimsuit.The bikini is therefore  2 millimetres thick and has an approximate surface area of 250 square centimetres.


Is it safe? Hell yeah - no contaminants absorbed by the SpongeSuit will touch the wearer’s skin, as any pollutants will be trapped within the inner poles of the bikini’s material, making the wearable technology safe to wear.


Is there only a bikini available? At the moment, yes.  - but don't get me wrong, they are by no means sexist. A male version is very possible in the future. But, for now, it's up to the ladies to make a difference. 


Price? Unknown, for the moment. However, accroding to Pinar, the price will certainly be affordable since it's made heated sucrose. 


Available yet? As good things are worth the wait, the spongesuit is not yet available for sale. At this moment, a prototype will have to suffice. 


Now, who wouldn't want to be an ecological superhero? 










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