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An electric revolution worth exploring 
By Alexander and Isabelle Zanzer

Electric is the new black, and is making a revolutionary turn on land and sea. Cleaner, quieter and much cheaper to run, Millionairesview took a spin in one of the most advanced e-motorboats present. Motorboats are notoriously known for their ability to pollute and wake up anyone within a 100 mile radius. Especially if you want the full ocean-spray thrill of going fast. There was no cure for the hassle of traditional boats - until electric vehicles came into the picture and we realised they made even more sense on ocean than on land according to Konrad Bergstrom, founder of electric boat X shore. Along with the killer of all noise complaints, e-motorboats are also much safer than people expect them to be. In a combustion - engine car, you're protected from fumes. Imagine a boat that is actually child friendly, this would be it.