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Everything you need to know about the hottest event at the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is a celebration on its own. Let's face it, there's no need to hide the excitement of stars like Julianne Moore and Eva Longoria walking past us. But if there's one thing the film festival is known for the most, it's the extravagant, exclusive parties one can be part of in only in a lifetime. And because we only choose the crème de la crème of all events, we choose the beautiful and elegant wine bar of Mouton Cadet as Millionaires View approved.

Every evening, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar opened its doors to selected guests for magical sunsets on Cannes Bay. This was achieved in an elegant cocktail-hour reception, known to only a selected few as "The Sunset Aperitifs."

Walking inside, our eyes met the red carpet and collection of wines ranging from pretty rose to red champagne, it was evident that the night could not get better. Each sip and bite of their appetisers was a celebration of the French art of living, which also happens to be the spirit of the mouton cadet wine bar.

This year, the Mouton Cadet wine bar welcomes director Randal Kleiser (the brain and creative engine behind blue lagoon and grease) as well as Abel Ferrara. In addition to its opening party, swamped with famous faces and runaway models, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar received the one and only Eva Longoria gala charity ball for already the fourth year in a row for The Global Gift Initiative.

And yet, in the midst of everyone honouring the famous faces worthy of an oscar, our attention was slowly directed elsewhere. I know, what can be better?

Well, if there's one single thing that can transform your evening into one of pleasure and relaxation, it's wine.







Thus, in the setting inspired by Hollywood party-going, headstrong directors and producers as well as privileged guests, my eyes were firmly held at the exclusive ICE ROSÉ SIGNÉ MOUTON CADET. A wine worthy of its own stance, it's refreshing taste, revealed with an unexpected serving ritual, was the cornerstone of the event.


So, with no further ado, this party deserves all its credits.