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Dining in fashion & style in the world of the michelin rising stars and cocktail whisperer Daniel Popa 


There's a perception about events centred around food.


I mean, open bar offering champagne, canapés, all masking the tremendously boring next few hours where the conversations surround on "So, what's new in your world?" 

But here, at the MontCalm Hotel, amongst the rising stars of the food business, the mood and conversation reached a whole new level. With partners such as Nespresso, Veveuve Clicquot, S.Pellegrino, Infiniti & Bookatable, there was no shortage of glamour amongst the chefs at the Michelin hotspot introducing the newest kids on the block who earned their Michelin stars with dedication, passion, and most importantly - their undivided love for good food. 

Rebecca Burr, Editor of the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2017, said: “London’s great variety of establishments, its history, but also its dynamism and vitality are illuminated by the capital’s new Michelin Stars." Chefs and staff from the event’s two biggest winners — Bibendum and The Araki, who lead the way with their golden Michelin standards. 

In the highly appraised ceremony, Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin guide, noted down five Michelin criteria:

-quality of ingredients

-master of cooking technique

-harmony and equilibrium and flavours 

-consistency throughout the menu

-value for money


So, of course, we sat down with the man himself to ask the questions everyone wants to know the answers to: 


What is the influence of Michelin on the market?

Michael: It's an unique spotlight that gives the opportunity for a restaurant to shine 117 years in existence and is able to recognises quality cooking present in 28 countries and receive recognition of worldwide audience.


How do you see the culinary development? 


Michael: The role of the michelin guide is not to encourage trends or push ways of cooking.

Chefs know that if they are able to get into the michelin guide that will bring them customers which will bring them business.

the guide is about following what is going on. "Dining is not just a fashion it is part of life!" quoted Michael.


So, what are the trends?

First of all, casual dining. People are no longer looking for food with a dozen ingredients and all which can be found in your daily kitchen. Nowadays, people want fresh, good quality food that wake up your senses. Chefs are moving towards local cuisine, and only use products within a 50 mile radius. It's sustainable cooking that's taking a new height.


Lots of chefs have been raving about the latest luxury product, caviar chips, aka chips made of pure caviar. What's your opinion?


Wow, now that's a new highlight. Hey, if it works for the restaurants, it will certainly work for the Michelin guide. Psss and if you haven't heard of it, check out caviar chips now:caviarchips.com

Oh, the final destination that have chefs talking about? The Nirvana Bar with the best cocktail maker of well, really, THE WORLD. And no, I am not exaggerating. For the ultimate experience, and the most exquisite cocktails both on and off the menu, look no further than Daniel Popa, who makes you any cocktail on demand. 

Here's a preview to get your mind wandering: