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Meet the luxury hotspot that puts regular French fries to shame

French Fries.


I know what you're thinking - luxury French Fries? Are they made of gold? Are they made from precious potatoes only found in a place most of us can't even pronounce?

But the secret to the Frites Atelier is nothing but hard work, a celebrity chef and a whole lot of work, love and passion for transforming a simple dish into something extraordinary.

A selection of triple cooked French Fries with truffles, a famous beef stew or the seasonal special sea nori with tartar sauce and spicy mayo leaving you wanting for more, there's no shortage of selection to the Frites Atelier.

So, for our first series of luxury hotspot we went behind the scenes with Hassan, the Master Chef in one of their key locations, Antwerp, to discover the key behind the successful chain.

Check it out: