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Meet Isano, the secret every celebrity doesn't share 

Summer has officially ended. Yes, I know what you're thinking - How dare she drop this truth bomb on us? No more Instagram worthy pictures on Mykonos highlighting that beautiful natural tan without a single filter. Yet, I think we can all agree that even the holiday mood of sitting by the beach has an expiration date. It's time to get back to our busy lives, juggling work, books at college, or sometimes even both. Add the need for social life outside the office or library, and the day has already flown by. So, when is the time to take care of ourselves? Mentally, physically, avoiding the hunger at dinner that makes you want to eat the whole fridge - with the actual fridge included. As both a law student and writer of some of the articles bombarding your news feed, I can relate to the overwhelming pressure thrown at you.


So when is the time to cook properly? Eat balanced meals and get al the vitamins and minerals in supermarket chains filled with artificial flavours and ingredients? Difficult? Yes. And do we have time to cook and prepare coloured meals with vegetables from the farmer's market? Don't think so. That why here at MillionairesView we went above and beyond to find the one product, both tasty and nutritious, that will provide you with the energy you need throughout the day and keep hunger at bay.  And in the depths of Switzerland, we found the perfect solution. 

Meet Isano. The one snack that doesn't contain unnecessary ingredients, isn't filled with sugar nor will have you craving for a cheeseburger afterwards. Besides being tasty (with a selection of flavours such as chocolate), it covers 100% of the daily requirement of natural carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With each bar at approximately 100 calories, it conains no artificial preservatives or additives, and is fully safe according to EU regulation 432/2012. Not to mention, filled with fiber to keep your gut strong and healthy. The ISANO vegan, for example, even went as far as being fully gluten and lactose free. 

And, from personal experience, here's what I can tell you :

  • iSANO counteracts over-acidification. Do you suffer from bloating or the occasional heartburn? Yeah, join the club. This is why ISANO is a miracle worker, neutralising your body by balancing PH values. Trust me, you'll feel the difference in just a few days. 

  • iSANO means healthy diet. Without empty calories. If you're looking to lose a few kilos, spending the day with 1000 kcal (approx. 10 bars), thanks to a smart formula will make time fly by and you no longer hungry or worse, hangry. 

  • ISANO regulates blood sugar - which means no afternoon slump we are all familiar with. No hunger, no fatigue, just a happy state of mind. 

  • No muscle loss, which means the lean muscles you build at the gym will still be there when you get home. Through the balanced macronutrients, your muscles will not be impaired as only fat is burned, allowing for fast, healthy and particularly lasting weight loss.

Check out the selection and try it out yourself!