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Here's why we're in love with Fur Oil, and you should be too

It's no secret that our skin is the most precious possession we have. Yet, we're not always so gentle with it (right, ladies?)

Growing up with skin conditions that looked and felt painful, I dedicated my time and effort to find that one product worth every single penny. Where would I find a product free of parabens, sulfates, silicons, phthalates AND isn't tested on animals?

But luckily, thanks to years of researching and coming across  an Issue of Women's Health sharing Emma Watson's favourite oil for yes, pubic hair. (Because only a Girlboss like Emma Watson would share her boldest secrets...)


Clearly, it was something worth trying. So my skepitcal self did just that.

Now, 5 weeks later, my skin and my hair never looked and felt healthier, stronger, and dare I say sexier.

So, I did what I do best (not to brag, but here at MillioaniresView we are dedicated to the best, and nothing else!) and went behind scenes of the most effective solution for your skin with Lillian Tung, otherwise known as one of the brains and co-founder of my favourite product proudly displayed in my home.

Discussing what to do with pubic hair is never an easy conversation, right ladies? But, if you think about it, if you treated hair on your head the way you treat your pubic hair, you would hate your head hair too. And this, my fellow readers, was exactly the key to the creation of Fur Oil. Starting out as a conversation between sisters, discussing exciting trends in beauty towards natural products and finding ways to define their own standards of beauty, away from the unrealistic illusion of the idea of the perfect body standards.  


The problem was clear: Available body hair products were anything but skin friendly. The ingredients were harsh, the packaging  unsophisticated, and focused only on removal – hair as a problem.  So, fur oil was launched October 2015 after a year of formulation and testing (but never animals of course, Legally Blonde's Elle Woods would be so proud!)

The three founders (including a professional makeup artist and marketing executive at L'Oréal) dedicated themselves in what is now called "Empowerment of women found in a single bottle."


Besides it's safe and effective use on pubic hair, the mixture of grape seed, jojoba and tea tree oil, is also great on anywhere skin meets hair – such as legs, underarms, eyebrows, beard, chest, and scalp. And all the areas prone to irritation? That's all history with Fur Oil.  

But hey, if you don't believe me, try it out for yourself!

Here's how: