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Inside Villa Mangiacane

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because I am about to introduce the first of many luxury travel destinations. And I promise, it will be well worth your precious time. So, without further ado, let me tell you all the reasons Villa Mangiacane, situated in the heart of Italy (aka 12 km south of Florence in Chianti), will soon climb to number one on your bucket list. Villa Mangiacane belonged to the Machiavelli family; yes, the same Niccolo Machiavelli who wrote the Prince, a do-it-yourself book for Royalty.

Arriving at promptly 2pm, after a six hours drive from the south of France half-asleep (thankfully I was not the one driving) I finally arrived at my destination.


Villa Mangiacane, or what I now call a fairytale castle. Hey, a girl can dream, right? In all honesty, I thought I was still asleep when I arrived, standing in front of the meticulously restored villa with its very own extensive art collection providing eye candy everywhere I looked. Still half asleep, I entered the villa, only to find the head concierge and head of public relations greeting me, instructing me to leave my luggage in the car which they will happily take care of. The head of public relations, with her twinkling green eyes and deep black curly hair gave us a quick tour of the Villa, talking passionately about the endless variety of wines and guiding me to the 300 hectare flourishing vineyard and olive groves.

Safe to say, there was no double espresso necessary to wake me up to the notion that this was, without a doubt, the most striking view I have ever seen. After chatting a few minutes more with the kind and joyful head of PR, I along with my family were seated for lunch, along with careful instructions to order wine. After all, we were in a vineyard. So being the team player I was, I happily obliged. With a glass….or two to compliment the homemade, gluten free pasta prepared in fresh ingredients from their very own garden. Wine AND pasta, all homemade, was an experience in itself.

So, fast-forward before I become too nostalgic, I went upstairs, past the large loggias overlooking the Tuscan countryside with the Duomo in Florence as backdrop, I stood admiring the view for what seemed like an hour. It was obvious that standing on the loggia and looking at the Duomo inspired Machiavelistic feelings. Okay, so again, fast forward, I entered the room to charge my phone and myself. Besides the size of the room, which looked like it could be categorized like a duplex apartment in any city, I was struck by not only the view to the vineyard, but the renovated upstairs bedroom and fitted bathroom covered in marble and onyx, and don’t get me started on the renaissance art. With wifi, a full mini bar and an exotic fruit basket, I knew that getting me out of this place was going to be the equivalent of mission impossible.

Yet, I did go out, and for a good reason. In one word, SALE.


Yes, you heard (or rather read) it right. In less than twenty-minute proximity, lies the only three words guaranteed to swoon any woman on the planet – 50% off. Or in this case, 60%, 70%,80% AND MORE. And if my experience could not be any better, the concierge kindly informed that with only a twenty-minute drive, I had two shopping centres at my fingertips, able to fulfil my every need. And that, it did. With shopping in The Mall luxury outlet and Barberino Designer Outlet, enough to make anyone buy a second, or third, suitcase. But don’t worry, shopping isn’t the only getaway provided. With Florence only 12 KM away, there is no shortage of history and culture in the heart of Florence with visits to Brunelleschi’s Duomo, the Santa Maria del Fiore, and experience first- hand the beauty of Italy.

And last, but definitely not least, returning to the villa with one too many shopping bags, there was one more room in the villa I had to enjoy one of the three swimming pools at my disposal. Along with a fully equipped gym and spa.


So, MillionairesView approved? Hell Yes.

And if that’s no enough to convince you, here’s a few images guaranteed to set you on the next plane to Italy.