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The science behind the collagen trend explained with TautUsa: Tried, Tested and Millionaires View Approved

Whether you're 21 or 41, trying to get a flawless complexion to compensate your lack of Photoshop skills or looking to improve your bone health, there's a supplement you need to know about: collagen.

I know. You've heard of this magic substance that promotes weight loss, acne reduction and decreases joint pain. But the question remains, if our body produces it already.. why should we need more?

So, following my interview with the celebrated Larry Pederson, owner and the engine behind TautUsa, I decided to dig a little deeper into the science and trend of collagen.

So, to dig deeper into the Do's, Don'ts and Pros of Collagen, I broke it down to a quick read in collaboration with TautUsa... You can thank us later *wink*


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, especially type 1 collagen. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, it’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together.

We already talked why trend is approved - Healthier & Glowing skin included!

According to Cognitune, Collagen benefits skin, hair, weight loss, joints, digestion, and much more. It's a very versatile supplement.

But here's the added benefits we discovered that no one else can tell you about, and the questions no one else is answering:

A) According to LiveStrong Magazine, Collagen comes with a bad aftertaste.

First and foremost, Collagen supplements that are made from marine sources usually have an unpleasant taste and odor that is not very favorable to most patients. BUT, since we have chosen to try out only the best of the best collagen supplements to test, we chose RenewAlliance for another particular reason: It's flavour. The 13,000 mg collagen is combined with real orange juice and stevia to mask any unpleasant taste collagen supplements commonly can bring. With the added boost of vitamin C without the added sugar, your body's immune system strengthens in no time.

B) As collagen is a protein, will it cause weight gain if taken too much?

First and foremost, let's debunk that myth here once and for all. After taking a deeper look and discussing with several dermatologists, collagen supplements won't cause water retention nor weight gain IF taken correctly. On the contrary, in my quest for the perfect supplements and landing on TautUsa, I found that taking collagen every other day made me lose weight and improve any digestive problems I previously experienced. Does bloating and stomach cramps sound familiar? Join the club. This is what the famous Dr.Axe refers to as "Leaky Gut Syndrome," or the disbalance of bacetria in your gut. Turns out, solving this problem is easier than you may think. Studies conducted in the journal of clinical pathology illustrated that in the search of a solution in  helping heal leaky gut, collagen is key. The supplement helps with the absorption of water within the intestines, keeping things moving more freely out of body.

C) Will this miracle supplemet work overnight?

Okay, while TautUsa is a celebrated brand with only the finest ingredients, there is no overnight miracle. So, as good things come to those who wait, you can expect to see one hell of a difference in less than three weeks. Personally, I felt the difference in simply one week. Sticking to my mediterrean diet per usual and the occasional dessert (hey, I'm only human!) I made no change in my diet. Within two weeks, my hair felt stronger, my body leaner, my skin started glowing and my sceptical self had to give in to the notion that collagen, even for a 21-year-old is the key to feeling happier, stronger and energized.

So, to conclude my research, I'd like to thank TautUsa for making me believe in magic.

Tell us what YOU think of collagen in the comments below!